Do You Have an Ingrown Toenail?

For anyone that suffers from an ingrown toenail, he/she knows the pain and disability that can result from such a seemingly small ailment. Ingrown toenails constitute a large proportion of presenting complaints to a physician’s office. Although the majority of “true” ingrown toenails occur in children, adolescents, and young adults, all age groups can be affected. The younger population usually account for the majority of the locally infected and “gross-looking” ingrown toenails. Adult ingrown toenails are usually more of an incurvated, mis-shaped, and deformed toenail causing pain and pressure in the nail grooves.

Many people struggle to dig out their own toenail edges on a regular basis. They suffer pain and agony, trying to relieve their pain by performing “bathroom surgery.” What most people don’t realize is that the nail root is literally attached to the toe’s bone. If local infection sets in, the infection can spread relatively easily to the bone, especially in cases of long standing, neglected ingrown toenails.

The good news is that regardless of the type of ingrown toenail, they can all be easily cured permanently in about ten minutes. Under local anesthesia, (similar to those administered in a dentist office), those painful nail edges can be removed permanently and relatively painlessly, (in the office), with little to no discomfort, risks, or aftercare. In addition to improving the cosmetic appearance of the toenail, one no longer has to endure the pain and pressure from the toenail edges digging into the nail grooves.

Some patients suffer from thick and deformed toenails caused by fungus, trauma/injury, or systemic medical conditions, (i.e. Psoriasis). These toenails can be very painful in shoes. Fungal toenails can be removed to allow re-growth of a normal nail. Toenails can also be permanently removed with the same easy process. Alternatively, medication, (topical and oral), or laser treatments can improve or eliminate fungus of the toenails.

Why deal with toenail pain another day? Get your incurvated, abnormal, and ingrown toenails treated today!

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