Yee Plastic Surgery Serving Patients with Compassion

Personal Attention Beyond Surgery

Patients visit Dr. Hilton Yee for a physical change in their appearance due to a deformity, skin cancers, a car accident injury, a burn incident, or other unattractive blemishes they want to mask. Physical enhancements can enable individuals to have confidence in their body while generating positive attitudes for success in all business endeavors. Dr. Yee can transform lives safely using the highest medical innovations for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures resulting in maximum results in minimum recovery time.

Dr. Hilton Yee has performed plastic surgery for many years. He completed his residency at UTMB Galveston and served as a consultant for the Shriner’s Burn Institute. He opened his practice in 1986 in The Woodlands. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Yee has performed thousands of reconstructive procedures with meticulous care and compassion for his patients. Affiliated with Herman Memorial The Woodlands, CHI St. Luke’s The Woodlands, HCA Houston Healthcare in Conroe, and Memorial Hermann Surgery Center in Conroe, patients can be seen for procedures in easily accessible area in the community.

Compassion and trust are the focus to his practice. He chose plastic surgery to make a difference in patients’ lives and trust opens up dialogue. “Consistent communication from my patients helps me to understand their feelings and develop a medical plan with realistic expectations”, said Dr. Yee. Patients leave his office with a complete understanding of upcoming procedures, recovery time, and extensive knowledge. Safety is always a priority. Dr. Yee will not perform any surgery to “up sell” if it is not necessary, may hurt the patient, or is a procedure he believes is a fad.

Past patients have raved about his professionalism, his compassion, and even his sense of humor.

Very experienced and focused…….With serious illnesses comes the need for a serious physician. I am not looking for “entertainers” or flashy offices… I want someone who will perform confidently, seriously and who will be honest enough to sometimes give answers I may not like.”

“Very sweet, kind, smart and patient. Took the time to explain everything to me and did not seem rushed or cranky like a lot of doctors”

“He is the most meticulous doctor I have come to know as a Registered Nurse. Dr. Yee is pleasant and funny. He goes above and beyond the call of duty when he educates you about the surgery of your choice. He actively listens to you and spends as much time as you need to get your surgery and expectations just right. He gives sound and honest advice. After surgery, Dr. Yee just called me himself to check on my well-being! My self-confidence is through the roof and I am extremely happy with my results!”

Dr. Yee truly cares about his patients and develops the trust by taking the time to listen and respond honestly. It is very rewarding when patients return for a follow up with a smile and fresh positive attitude. “It’s very noticeable when self-confidence changes in a patient. We have heard of patients doing well in their careers resulting in promotions, new romances, and additional involvement in the community based on how they felt about themselves around others.”

Humanity and compassion for the community is demonstrated through Dr. Yee’s commitment to local nonprofit organizations including CASA, Montgomery County Business Association for Women (with wife Alison), Yes to Youth-Montgomery County Youth Services, and many animal rescue groups.

“You can learn compassion from watching dogs. My wife, Alison and I have several rescue dogs. You watch their behaviors to learn about what they are feeling. I observe my patients and learn by their actions when they are reluctant to reveal any expectations or concerns”, said Dr.Yee.

His skilled team of professionals are part of the total package of a friendly, kind, and considerate office space with appointments easily available and low waiting time. His services include both surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, body contouring, all types of skin cancers, tummy tucks, liposuction, anti-aging skin care, breast augmentation, Botox, dermal fillers, eyelid surgery, and facelifts.

Liposuction is very popular with both men and women patients including chin liposuction to remove fat from the neck for a refined jawline. Skin tightening and tummy tucks are also widely practiced with Dr. Yee uses SAFELipo to get comprehensive results by reshaping the treated area.

Skin cancer care is done with insurance accepted. Dr. Yee can easily rectify skin cancers with his expertise and leave the patient more confident not having ugly scars associated with skin cancer issues.

Visit The Woodlands office Mondays and Thursdays 8:30am-5:00pm, Tuesdays 8:30am-11:00am, and Fridays 8:30am-2:00pm located at 9305 Pinecroft Drive, Suite 303 in The Woodlands. The Conroe location is open Tuesdays 1:00pm-5:00pm and Wednesdays 8:30am-5:00pm located at 4015 I-45 North.

Dr. Yee offers experienced Board-Certified plastic surgery with compassionate care earning the respect and trust of his patients.

Learn more about Dr, Hilton Yee, make an appointment, or contact the office by visiting their website at or call (281) 943-2740. Contact the Conroe or The Woodlands office by calling (281) 943-2740.