From the Managing Editors

Howdy everyone! It’s so hot out there that I need a hat just to keep the sun from cooking my brain. While I’m talking about hot, don’t forget about my paws. That ground or concrete may not feel hot to you, but to me it may be worse than hot because it seems to only get hotter each day. I love Ozzy and will follow him anywhere but I hope he watches out for me when I follow him. Not to worry though, he does! I guess a cat wouldn’t do that. A cat would tell you to get yourself in the grass where it’s cooler! Actually, a cat wouldn’t walk with you unless he or she wanted too. But anyway, my point is just because you think it’s ok to walk on the hot cement doesn’t mean it’s ok for all of our four legged friends.

Well here we are. It’s August already. We might as well be on a snow ride headed down the side of a mountain as fast as time is flying by. It’s unreal! If you think that Dock LIne Magazine coming around once a month is fast, you should check out our social media platforms. Lots of things are going on there 24/7! In other words look for Dock Line Magazine everywhere! We always want to do our best, so please tell our advertisers where ya see them, in Dock LIne Magazine!

OK – that’s it till next month, stay cool and stay safe!