Water Works

By Brad Meyer

If you think all gutter systems are pretty much alike, there’s a good chance you’re all wet.

That’s because modern gutters come in a nearly infinite variety of colors, materials and designs to perform an important role in moving rainwater from locations where it is inconvenient and a possible danger for building integrity to areas where it causes no problems.

“Gutters are highly functional as well as serving as a residential accent that helps the curb  appeal of most homes,” said Trey Stevenson, owner of Rainmasters 2002 Seamless Gutters. “The trick is getting them installed properly so they will function and not leak or get clogged up every time it rains.”

Gutters are utilitarian in that their primary function is to catch and redirect water. They help stop roof runoff that can drench visitors and family members entering your home. They can also help prevent water from accumulating around the perimeter and foundation of the home.

“Frequent saturation of the ground around a home’s foundation can destabilize the soil and cause erosion over time,” said Stevenson. “Eventually, it can lead to costly foundation problems.”

Trey, a Houston firefighter, and his wife Amy, a teacher with the New Waverly Independent School District, operate Rainmasters 2002 as a family business, focusing on doing one thing ? gutters ? and doing it better than anyone else and doing it at a fair and competitive price.

“There are a lot of ‘Chuck in a Truck’ home handymen out there, but it’s hard for homeowners to know if they are reliable or if they really stand behind their work,” said Trey. “A lot of our business comes from fixing mistakes made by unqualified installers who go out of business or change names when they get in trouble. It’s better and less expensive to get it done right the first time. It’s important to know who you are letting crawl up and work on your roof ? because as a homeowner, you’re responsible.”

While it looks simple, gutter fabrication and installation has a fair amount of science behind it. Gutter size depends on the size, slope and pitch of the roof and the amount of water that must be accommodated. Gutters must also have just the right angle to keep the water  moving.

“Water is very heavy and if it’s allowed to accumulate in the gutter it can literally cause the gutter to fail completely,” said Trey. “Often inexperienced installers incorrectly attach the gutter making it only a matter of time before it fails.”

Home handymen might think buying gutter and downspout sections at the hardware store is a good idea, but calculating water loads, determining the slope of the gutter and connecting sections so that they don’t eventually start leaking is trickier than it sounds.

“Our approach is to bring top quality equipment to the home or office and do the job on site,” said Trey. “Our team members undergo a formal training program on safety as well as installation.”

Huge rolls of material ? usually rust resistant aluminum ? are run through specialized extruder machines that form the proper shape and length of gutter material. The seamless end product is more stable and free from the leaking problem that plagues standard gutter sections that must be pieced together.

Aluminum gutters are available in dozens of colors. Customers can also select dual tone galvanized gutters or even solid copper gutters for more upscale architectural designs. And while leaf guards may seem like a good idea, Trey recommends checking with the experts. That’s because many designs are not effective against pine needles and Texas has pine trees everywhere. Gutters with “permanent” covers will eventually accumulate roof shingle grit and other debris. Cleaning this type of gutter is both difficult and expensive after installation.

“Our sales professionals have actual installation experience as part of their training, so they know what they are doing,” said Trey. “Our company has been specializing in gutter work since 2002; we’re insured and we know what we are doing. We offer the best value in gutter installation and repair.”

And to back it up, Rainmasters 2002 Seamless Gutters offers an amazing 50-year warranty, transferable in the event you sell your house.

“As a family-owned business, we believe our reputation for quality work and materials is unequaled,” said Trey. “We take pride in doing the best job possible for our customers.”

Rainmasters 2002 Seamless Gutters provides top quality installation, cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial clients throughout southeast Texas. For information or a no cost, no obligation evaluation and cost estimate, visit www.RainMasters2002.com or call 936-295-1926.